ArmsTracker fills gaps in national arms and ammunition control by enabling simple, accurate record-keeping and enforcement of weapon laws in local languages. Available only to government agencies in eligible UN Member States, this simple but powerful software digitises arms and ammunition record-keeping, imports and exports, gun owner licensing and firearm registration.

Each installation is tailor-made for the relevant government agency to enforce national and regional laws and to complement existing systems. Consultation, customisation and installation is followed by staff and community training. ArmsTracker evolves and improves as each new government agency installs its own customised version. Join the ArmsTracker Community to take advantage of International Assistance donors, and to fund an upgrade of your national or regional arms control system. Find out more at

Armed Incident Management (AIM) helps law enforcement, local authorities, violence reduction NGOs and affected communities to reduce and prevent illicit arms activity.
AIM gathers, tracks, analyses and follows up reported:  

  • incidents of armed violence, illicit arms possession and trafficking using new and existing reporting options; 
  • responses by law enforcement to these incidents, enabling greater oversight and coordination by relevant authorities; and 
  • prevention and safety measures undertaken by communities and authorities, including reports on their effectiveness and promotion of successful interventions. 

AIM is built on the award-winning Tupaia platform, which is used by a range of government agencies around the world.   

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