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Reducing armed violence and conflict

Upgrading national arms and violence control systems

Developing Solutions

The Centre for Armed Violence Reduction (CAVR) develops solutions to implement international arms control standards for better management of weapons, ammunition, explosives, and armed incidents. Our not-for-profit organisation partners with government agencies, NGOs, and technical organisations around the world. CAVR helps countries to upgrade their national arms and violence control systems with tailored, gap-filling solutions.

ArmsTracker weapon and ammunition management (WAM) and Aim systems, training, support, and upgrades can be provided at no cost to UN Member States eligible for Official Development Assistance. We are grateful to the donors who make this possible.

Our weapons, ammunition and explosives management solutions are individually tailored to military, law enforcement, border control, national small arms commissions—in fact any state agency whose role includes the security and storage of arms and munitions.

CAVR enables state agencies to meet global, regional, and national arms control standards and to simplify both internal and international reporting.

ArmsTracker has been configured in local languages and individually tailored for state agencies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Small Island Developing States

ArmsTracker fills gaps in national arms, ammunition, and explosives control by enabling simple, accurate record-keeping and enforcement of weapon laws in local languages. This software digitises record-keeping, imports and exports, gun owner licensing and firearm registration.

Each installation is tailor-made for the relevant government agency to enforce national and regional laws and to complement existing systems. Consultation, customisation and installation is followed by staff and community training. ArmsTracker evolves and improves as each new government agency installs its own customised version. 

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Aim is an incident, information and stakeholder management system seeking peace and justice for deadly violence. It operates across and compares all communities in a country, with additional focus on current and emerging hotspots.

Aim Peace supports diffusion of high-risk situations and increases community support for local peace and arms control. Aim Justice seeks to reduce impunity for deadly violence by enabling witnesses to provide more information and evidence digitally; Police officers to investigate more cases, with more oversight from Command; Prosecutors to bring more cases to court; and Magistrates to achieve more just outcomes. 

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