Publications & Research

As well as our project work, the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction is proud to contribute to and to publish a range of reports, articles and papers relating to arms control and armed violence reduction.

Read the most recent CAVR and partner publications here.

The Centre is proud to announce the publication of two major reports, launched at the United Nations in Geneva and New York

The Broader Benefits of the Arms Trade Treaty

Implementing the Arms Trade Treaty and the UNPoA – A Guide

The Centre is thrilled to have contributed to two Arms Trade Treaty-Baseline Assessment Project publications on arms control in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Reporting Challenges and Assistance Needs in the Asia-PacificAssessing ATT Implementation in the Asia-Pacific

Written in collaboration with the Pacific Small Arms Action Group, Where the World Comes Up Short identifies gaps in arms control programming around the world.
Where the World Comes Up Short