Guns, Virus, Cyclone, Climate Change and Hunger

Photo by Nate Greno on Unsplash

Preventing armed violence in Africa and Oceania is the focus of this Centre. Our efforts to avoid more gun death and injury are now accelerated by the effects of COVID-19 in Africa, and in the Pacific from Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold. As the virus laid waste to global public health systems, and as Harold arced through Oceania, staff at the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction focussed on the next challenge: to lessen the risk of armed violence in the wake of social upheaval.

Our ArmsTracker project quickly moved to remote delivery, so we’re not disadvantaged by lockdowns at our end. In a dozen locations in Africa and the Pacific, especially given the disruption threatened by the virus pandemic, climate change, crime and hunger, the work of our Centre takes on renewed importance.

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