Greater participation in regional and global fora

Pacific Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, February 2019 - Deepayan Basu Ray, CAVR

In Brisbane, CAVR organised the Pacific Arms Trade Treaty Conference (PacCon19). Hosted and funded by Australia and New Zealand, this event brought together 50 state and civil society delegates from Pacific and Southeast Asian countries to discuss universalisation and implementation of the ATT. To request a copy of the outcome document, click here.

CAVR staff also attended other regional meetings as technical experts, including a series organised by BAFA/German Foreign Office workshop and hosted by the governments of Ukraine and Albania, respectively. The workshops focused on brokering, electronic licensing databases, prosecutions, and sanctions and began with a review of the latest international developments in trade controls for conventional arms. Each of the participating countries provided updates on the national status of brokering.

With a specific focus on brokering from a licensing and customs perspective, CAVR’s ArmsTracker program fit in perfectly with the discussion of electronic licensing databases in export control systems. Participants were also introduced to Internal Compliance Programmes (ICP), Industry Audits, and Prosecutions and Sanctions. CAVR delivered a presentation on the issue of electronic licensing systems, focusing on reviewing reporting and record-keeping obligations and exploring the functionality of the ArmsTracker database.

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